Principal’s message on this momentous occasion . . .

As the great scholar Confucius once said ‘If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed, if in terms of ten years plant trees; if in terms of hundred years, teach the people.’In the similar manner our prestigious college has done a commendable service of teaching and producing global laureates who have contributed a lot to the world of knowledge and world itself.

This premier institution came in to existence in 1917. So it is the oldest educational institution of North Karnataka which is celebrating centenary year now. It is an auspicious occasion to remember with gratitude the founders of the institution Dewan BahaddurRodda Srinivas Rao and Rao Bahaddur Artal Rudragouda. We should also remember Sir Siddappa Kambali, since then an education minister,was responsible for the transfer of materials, apparatus, equipments and library books to Karnatak College with the closure of Deccan College, Poona. He inaugurated Science Courses at graduate level in June 1934 which then grew as a Karnatak Science College. We should also remember the great galaxy of succession of eminent professors and principals whose untiring efforts have contributed for the reputation of the college. College has produced many stalwarts and eminent people who have made substantial contribution in different fields and who have been contributing in different walks of life. It is our duty to remember them and make them to be the part of this auspicious occasion.

Higher Education has a special importance because of the difference it can make by developing new models and standards for other institutions in society, and by inculcating in its students the skills of critical thinking, analysis and problem solving, under pinned by a strong grasp of moral reasoning, ethics and cultural tolerance. While our world is changing at a rate unprecedented in human history, to bring a positive change that if permanent requires strong institutions at all levels of society and institutional development requires models, and capable and enlightened leadership. I am confident that the faculty and the college leadership would work towards bringing this positive change in the society and foster our students to illuminate the paths of the communities they belong to. In this background we are planning the programmes and functions of centenary celebrations.

Now college will have reasons to call with legitimate pride, distinguished scholars, sportsmen, Public men, high officials, soldier men who have reflected the glory of their Alma meter in the country at large and even abroad. And also those who as teacher have given to this college their lot, the old students, present students and all those who gather whole heartedly to commemorate the centenary celebrations of KCD. All the children of KCD cluster around their mother, bringing their wishes, which will make her feel happy and proud.

Dr. RajeshwariMaheshwaraiah