Cenetenary Message

KCD alumni register

Prof.Promod Gai Vice Chancellor

VC Message:

"Karnatak College is one of the Premier"

KCD alumni register

Prof Mallikarjun Patil Registrar

Registrar Message:

“Beautiful College! So historical,”

KCD alumni register


Registrar Evaluation Message:

“Beautiful College! So historical,”

KCD alumni register

Dr. RajeshwariMaheshwaraiah Principal

Arts College Principal Message:

“As the great scholar Confucius”

KCD alumni register

Dr. C.F.Mulimani Principal

Science College Principal Message:

“It gives me an immense pleasure”

KCD alumni register

Dr. Mallikarjun S Taralagatti Principal

University College of Fine Arts and Music:

“Greeting to you, members of the respected staff, ..”

Vice Chancellor's Message

Karnatak College is one of the Premier Institutions of Higher Learning in the Country. This Institution in the Mumbai-Karnataka Region is an household name. The College which is known for its excellence in teaching and learning has a glorious history of men of letters being its mentors Rao Bahadur Rodda Srinivas Rao, Sri Artal Rudra Gowda and Sir Siddappa Kambli were the trio responsible for the establishment of Karnatak College at Dharwad in 1917. Professors like Dr. V. K. Gokak, Dr. A. Menezes and such luminaries have held its leadership and guided this college to be on par with colleges like Ferguson college, Pune, Maharaja college, Mysore and Wellingdon college, Sangli. Though Karnatak University was established much later in the year 1949, Karnatak College which became its Constituent Partner has contributed men of quality of repute to the society. Many of its students who come from all strata of the society have greatly contributed to the culture, literature, art, administration, science, medicine and other professions. The college has an enviable location, which is also historically significant. The College is housed in the erstwhile Southern Maratha Railway building. With its brick red structure it stands out as a symbol of Excellence in Education. Among many institutions established under the British rule in the pre independent India, Karnatak College is having a pivotal position with well earned name as a ‘Centre for Knowledge and Knowledge dissemination’. Popularly known as KCD, it has remained true to its efficient and effective functioning as an Institute of Excellence.

At present Karnatak College is celebrating its Centenary Year after striving hard and contributing to the development of this region. In this centenary year, it is proposed to have a yearlong programme as a commemoration of its heritage to bring the nostalgic memories back. In this context, I request all the alumni and all the well wishers of Karnatak College to voluntarily come forward and register their names on our website designed for the purpose and support this proposed year long programme. Your suggestions are welcome.

Prof.Promod Gai

Vice Chancellor